In 2004, Federal, states and local agencies came together around their shared interest in improving school and post-school outcomes for youth. Today, four federal agencies, 10 states and many national organizations are joined in the community. Together, they focus on issues including:

  • Behavioral/MH and Transition,
  • Common Core (College and Career Ready) Standards and Transition,
  • Employment,
  • Increasing Accessible Transportation,
  • Outreach to Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health,
  • P-16/P-20: ‘Cradle to College and Career',
  • Post-secondary Options,
  • Self-determination and Youth Investment, and
  • Transitioning Youth on the Autism Spectrum Disorder

CoP Work

Creating Tool on LRE and Transition

CA Transition Institute - Opportunities Matter Facilitators Training

August 12 2015 Community Call

  1. PowerPoint from the National Community of Practice on Transition Call
  2. Notes from the National Community of Practice on Transition Call
  3. Ten Values of the Transition CoP
  4. Community of Practice: The Partnership Way, Competencies
  5. Community of Practice/ The Partnership Way, Leadership Competencies – Teach/Use Tool and Experience
  6. Link to Resources Shared from the June 2015 Convening  Click here.


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